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General and Forensic Psychiatry



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Physician and Surgeon, 1963, Illinois No. 036-038694. Tax ID No. 36-2813490

D.E.A. Controlled Substance Registration No. BRI 298315.


Diplomate in Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 1972.

Diplomate in Forensic Psychiatry, American Board of Forensic Psychiatry, 1984.

Private Practice, General Adult Psychiatry

Member, American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

Member, Child Custody Mediation/Evaluation Oversight Committee, Circuit Court of DuPage County.

Forensic Psychiatric Consultant to DuPage County Circuit Court, Public Defender and State's Attorney's Offices; Cook County Public Defender's Office; Office of the State Appellate Defender Supreme Court Unit, Kane County Child Advocacy Center; private attorneys in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, California, Alabama and Washington, D.C. Over 1500 cases in 29 years of Consultation, Evaluation, Reports and Testimony in Civil and Criminal Matters.


Thirty-five years experience in assessment, diagnosis, psychodynamic formulation, developmental analysis, and individual psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment of Axis I syndromes, personality disorders, and organic brain impairment. Twenty years experience in group therapy of symptomatic, relational and personality disorders. Integrated psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, self-psychological, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal modalities in the diagnosis and treatment of neurotic characterological, and psychotic disorders. Comprehensive independent psychiatric evaluation and disposition of insured disability claims.


Fitness to Stand Trial: Defendant's capacity to comprehend legal proceedings and cooperate with counsel; evaluation of effects of psychotropic medications and neuropsychiatric factors on fitness and courtroom presentation at trial and sentencing.

Criminal Competency: Mental state at time of offense for mental disease or defect impairing appreciation of wrongfulness/criminality of acts and/or capacity to conform conduct.

Mitigating and Aggravating Factors: Mental state at time of offense, provocation, mens rea, developmental trauma, relational factors, neuropsychiatric/medical disorders and brain injury factors.

Post Conviction Analysis: Scrutiny of civil rights violations; competency for Miranda warning; competency at arrest, detention, evaluation, trial, and sentencing; factors in mitigation/aggravation; medication and neuropsychiatric effects; relevance of prior evaluations.


Medical/Psychiatric Malpractice: Standard of care in provider-patient relationship, clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and disposition; evaluation of injury and causation; consultation in deposition and cross-examination of opposing witnesses.

Personal Injury: Post-traumatic disorders in survivors of medical emergencies, physical injury, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and closed head injury.

Competencies: Testamentary capacity, competency for self-care, management of personal affairs, contract, marriage, testimony, pro se court appearance, and parenting.

Civil Rights: Psychiatric damages alleged in ADA and sexual harassment claims in workplace/commercial/public environments, post-traumatic stress syndromes, functional disability, cognitive/emotional/occupational/interpersonal impairment assessment.

Child Custody and Visitation: Best interest of the child criteria, assessment of personality variables in caretaker fitness, other-state removal criteria, assessment of child development levels, attachment/relational variables.


Elementary and high school education in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 1943 to 1954.

Bachelor's Degree in Biology (with honors), June 1958, Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin.

Doctor of Medicine Degree, University of Chicago School of Medicine, June 1962.

Medical-Surgical Internship, University of Chicago Hospital and Clinics, 1962-63.

Residency in Psychiatry, University of Chicago Hospital and Clinics, July 1963 through June 1966.

Associate Fellow, New York Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy, 1980.


Captain, U.S. Army, Chief of Psychiatry, Department of Defense (Top Secret Security

Clearance), U.S. Army Hospital, Sandia Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico, August 1966 through June 1968.

Associate Fellow and Training Supervisor, Institute of Rational Emotive Therapy, New York, 1979-89.

Consultant, Family Service Association of DuPage County, 1980-82.

Consultant, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Aurora, Illinois Region, 1981-1983.

Consultant, Public Defender and State Attorney Offices, Kane County, Will County, Illinois.

Consultant/analyst on employee/staff morale, Central DuPage Hospital: multiple individual and group interviews, conferences, written reports to hospital administration,1988.

Clinical Director/Advisor, Outpatient Psychiatric Services, Central DuPage Hospital, November 1994 through February 1996.


Loyola University, Department of Psychiatry, 1969 to 1971.

Madden Mental Health Center, Maywood, Illinois, 1969 to 1971.


Award, Illinois Psychiatric Society for paper, "Psychoanalysis and Learning Theory," June1966.

"The Cause and Treatment of Depression, Part I," DCBA Brief, DuPage County Bar Association, November 1991.

"The Cause and Treatment of Depression, Part II,' DCBA Brief, DuPage County Bar Association, November 1991.


Workshop, lecture, demonstration interviews on "Cognitive Perspectives in the Treatment of Depression,' presented at the Illinois Psychological Association Meetings in Chicago, December 1981.

Lecture on "Courtroom Dangerousness," delivered to judges of the Circuit Court of the 18th Judicial Circuit, DuPage County, Wheaton, Illinois, February 1985.

Continuing Medical Education lecture on "Tardive Dyskinesia and Malpractice," delivered to the Central DuPage Hospital medical staff at Winfield, Illinois, September 18,1985.

Lecture on "Concentration, Cognition and Affect in Coaching Athletes," delivered at the Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Institute, Carol Stream, Illinois, July 16, 1981.

Continuing Medical Education lecture on "Forensic Psychiatry," delivered to the medical staff at Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield, Illinois, February 6,1985.

Forensic psychiatric forum consultant in "Understanding the Insanity Plea or Defense" November27 and December 4,1983, at the invitation of Judge Carl F.J. Henninger, Chief Judge, Circuit Court of DuPage County. Simulated trial; lecture delivered on "History and Current Status of the Concept of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity."

Videotaped lecture and demonstration delivered November 5 and 12, 1987, on "Modern Cognitive Psychotherapy Evaluation and Treatment Techniques" to the Department of Psychiatry, Central DuPage nursing and psychology inpatient staff, Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield, Illinois.

Day-long lecture, videotape and interview demonstration: "An Introduction to Rational Emotive Therapy," presented to the Veteran's Administration Medical Center Psychiatry Service staff at Knoxville, Iowa, September 30, 1986.

Lectures, supervision, demonstrations on psychotherapy at the Primary Certificate Practicum, New York Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy, Chicago, October 23 to 27, 1981. Same as above, April 11 to 15, 1984.

Transcribed therapy session, Chapter 8 in Wessler & Wessler, The Principles and Practice of Rational Emotive Therapy, Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1980.

Lecture Series on Principles of Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders presented to the Behavioral Health Services Staff, Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield, Illinois, 1994; Personality Development and Psychodynamics; Psychopharmacotherapy; Relational Factors in Psychotherapy; Psychiatry and Substance Abuse; Principles of Informed Consent/Standard of Care.

Lecture on "Factors in the Assessment of Dangerousness," delivered to the MacNeal Hospital psychiatry staff at Berwyn, Illinois, October 18,1995.