About SUDSnet

Introduction to SUDSnet

Coventry University and UWTC (Urban Water Technology Centre) at Abertay University in conjunction with several other partners - Academic and Professional - were successful in gaining EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) funding to form a national network to help academics and practitioners communicate effectively about SUDS. The EPSRC funding ran from 2004-2007 and since then the network has been self-sustaining. The network has a focus on various issues related to SUDS:

  • best management practices
  • design-code refinements
  • development of design procedures
  • monitoring programmes
  • lessons learned from existing SUDS schemes
  • Multiple-benefits from SUDS (including ecosystem service provision)

The network has a wide remit including:

  • co-ordinating meetings
  • organising field visits
  • establishing a web-based resource for practitioners, academics and students to use and refer to.

Are you interested in becoming a member of SUDSnet?

  • You would receive information about meetings that SUDSnet organise
  • You could benefit from the shared knowledge and experiences of practitioners and academics throughout the UK
  • The network will provide an excellent opportunity for collaboration and development of better research proposals

Why do we need more members?

SUDSnet has almost 1000 registered members, Approx. 70% of these are practitioners and 30% are researchers and students at Academic Institutions

  • We have already been able to prove to EPSRC that a wide variety of people are interested in this Network and that there is a need for a more coherent approach to SUDS in the UK . However, the more members we have, from as broad a range of backgrounds and disciplines as possible, the more effective and informative the network will be.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Network and benefiting from the collaborations and communications please sign up here.

SUDSnet Coordinators:

Rebecca Wade (UWTC, Abertay University) 
Sue Charlesworth (Coventry University)



Coventry University


Urban Water Technology Centre



Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Scottish Executive Water in Scotland







Natural Environment Research Council


Scottish Water

Environment Agency

The University of Edinburgh



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