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Please feel free to browse through notes and presentations from SUDSnet conferences and meetings. This page will be updated after each meeting so that those of you who could not attend, will still be able to benefit from the information presented and be aware of the discussions that arose.

SUDSnet International Conference 30th & 31st August 2018 Coventry, UK

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Creating appropriate guidance for the Management of Surface Water in Humanitarian Contexts
Rosemary Jenkinson, Eleanor Earl, Milly Hennayake, Iñigo Ruiz-Apilánez, Justin Abbott 


SuDS as sewers: A changed approach to surface water sewers Brain Smith and Lian Lundy

Session 1 SuDS in Challenging Environments

  • The efficacy of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs) in humanitarian settlements: a case for an alternative method in flood risk management. Mitchell McTough,1,2, Andrew Adam-Bradford  & Sue Charlesworth 
  • Innovative Drainage Techniques for Surface Water Management in African Refugee Camps Oluwatoyin Opeyemi Ajibade* & Kiran Tota-Maharaj
  • Arbuscular mycorrhizal colonisation of biofiltration cells at Franschhoek, South Africa Liz Trenchard, Sue Charlesworth & Stephen Coupe
  • The Interplay of Green Infrastructure on Urban Heat Stresses and Stormwater Management: Southeast Asia's Urban Future K. Tota-Maharaj and M. Gómez
  • Addressing disease vectors with SuDS: the Zika virus in favelas in NE Brazil R. Lewis, S. Charlesworth, M. Blackett, F. Warwick

Download the above presentations as 7ziped pdfs.

Session 2 – Source Control SuDS: Green roofs, Planters & Plants

  • Improving the functionality of the “sponge” – Does plant choice matter? Siti Nur Hannah Ismail, Ross W. F. Cameron and Virginia Stovin
  • Ecological enhancement from wildlife habitat on constructed green roofs. Sophie Barron-West, Stephen Coupe, Liz Trenchard & Ben Shuttleworth
  • Seasonal variations in green roof hydrology Simon De-Ville & Virginia Stovin
  • Reduction of CSO discharges and improved surface water runoff quality through the use of rainwater planters Alex Stephenson & Lorna Davis
  • Greener Gardens – Raingardens and attenuation units in residential gardens Wade, R., Travers, J, Berwick N,  & Peter, R.

Session 3 – Water Quality and Pollution Control

  • Simulation of the fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from storm water using a model swale mesocosm. Janine Robinson, Fay Couceiro, Joy Watts and John Williams
  • Pollutant removal efficacies of permeable pavements comprising recycled concrete aggregates J. Monrose1,2 K. Tota-Maharaj1 and A. Mwasha3
  • Validating a SUDS treepit for the Scottish Climate A.M. Duffy, D. Bowie J. Dalrymple, J. Akunna

Session 4 – SuDS Education and Articulation

  • Articulation of Stormwater in Cities Bruce Ferguson
  • SuDS and Raingarden Education in Schools Rebecca Wade, Alison Duffy, Neil Berwick, James Travers, Patricia Dello Sterpaio
  • Inspiring the New Generations: Introducing SuDS at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Luis A. Sañudo-Fontaneda, Felipe P. Alvarez-Rabanal, Angel Martin-Rodriguez, Mar Alonso-Martinez, Zenaida A. Hernandez-Garrastacho, Juan J. del Coz-Diaz

Session 5 – Permeable Pavements and Filter Media

  • Optimising Pervious Pavement Systems: A laboratory-based investigation of novel materials as water barrier/treatment systems Natasa Tziampou, Stephen J. Coupe1, Luis A. Sañudo-Fontaneda, Alan P. Newman, & Daniel Castro-Fresno
  • The Hydrological “end-of-life” concept for Permeable Pavement Systems: A Case Study from Northern Spain Luis A. Sañudo-Fontaneda, Valerio C. Andres-Valeri, Jorge Rodriguez-Hernandez, Carlos Costales-Campa, & Fernando Cadenas-Fernandez
  • Filter drains redesigned for the 21st Century Jo Bradley
  • Porous and Permeable Pavements with Low-Carbon Manufactured Carbonated Aggregates: Environmental and Economic Perspectives Colin D Hills, John Monrose, Kiran Tota-Maharaj & Paula Carrey

Session 6 – International SuDS and Stormwater Case studies

  • Stormwater management in United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands: A comparative study of legislation, methods and systems utilised. Lukasz Koziel & Sara Egemose
  • A catchment scale analysis of green roofs retrofit potential to mitigate hydrological risk in a Mediterranean environment Mirka Mobilia & Antonia Longobardi
  • A new freely-available geospatial data-based methodology for the implementation and assessment of SUDS: linking GIS tools and SWMM Beatriz I. Mendez-Fernandez, Cristina Allende-Prieto, Susanne M. Charlesworth, Luis A. Sañudo-Fontaneda

Session 7 – Natural Flood Management and Rural SuDS

  • An Approach for Identifying Opportunities and Assessing Performance of Natural Flood Risk Management techniques: A case-study in the headwaters of the Warwickshire-Avon T. Lavers, Charlesworth S, Fried J., Warwick F. & Lashford C.
  • Investigating the role of tree planting on sub-catchment level runoff in Warwickshire, England Craig Lashford & Thomas Lavers
  • Developing a Design and Build Guidance for Rural SuDS A. Duffy, S. Moir2. N. Berwick, J. Shabashow , B. D’Arcy, R. Wade, & D. Blackwood
  • Rural Sustainable Drainage Systems: Experience in the Field so Far Stewart Moir

Session 8 – SuDS and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Potential for retrofitting SUDS at Houston Industrial Estate, Livingston, West Lothian Vladimir Krivtsov, Brian J. D’Arcy, Scott Arthur & Chris Semple
  • A communication tool for Ecosystem Services associated with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Roshni Jose, Rebecca Wade & David Blackwood
  • Green Infrastructure survey on public perception of SuDS and the relationship with the housing market 

Poster Session

SUDSnet International Conference - 3rd - 4th September 2015

  • Conference Presentations (in .pdf format)
    • Day 1 - Thursday 3rd September
    • Day 2 - Friday 4th September
  • Conference Book (including Programme & Abstracts) 

SUDsnet Update Event at Scottish Government - 18th Nov 2013

Venue: Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh

SUDSnet would like to extend its thanks to all who attended the SUDSnet/CREW/SUDSWP 2013 SUDS Update Event.

SUDsnet International Conference - 4th - 6th May 2012

Venue: Coventry TechnoCentre

SUDSnet would like to extend its thanks to all who attended the SUDSnet 2012 International Conference at Coventry University.

SUDsnet / CIWEM National & International Conference - 11th and 12th May 2011

Venue: University of Abertay Dundee

SUDSnet would like to extend its thanks to all who attended the SUDSnet / CIWEM 2011 National & International Conference at University of Abertay Dundee.

SUDsnet National Conference - 12th and 13th November 2009

Venue: Coventry TechnoCentre. 

SUDSnet would like to extend its thanks to all who attended the SUDSnet 2009 National SUDS Conference at Coventry University.

SUDsnet National Conference 2007 14th November 2007

Venue: Coventry TechnoCentre. 

SUDSnet would like to extend its thanks to all who attended the SUDSnet National SUDS Conference at Coventry University on 14th November 2007.

SUDsnet Review Meeting , Coventry , March 2007 | Click to download notes/presentations

2nd National SUDSnet Student Conference, September 2006

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SUDSnet Research Meeting, Sheffield , November 2005

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1st National Student Conference, Coventry University , June 2005 | Click to download programme

SUDSnet/Scottish SUDS Monitoring Group Meeting, Edinburgh University , May 2005 | Click to download programme

Standing Conference on Stormwater Source Control, Dumfermline, September 2004

Click to download programme

SUDSnet Scottish & Irish Launch Meeting, Riccarton, May 2004 | Click to download notes

SUDSnet English & Welsh Launch Meeting, Coventry , May 2004 Click to download notes


SUDS Reports

SUDS Guidance document - WWT/ RSPB - Maximising the Potential for People and Wildlife (Jan 2013)

SNIFFER Report 02(51) 

SUDS Retrofit Workshop - proceedings, Edinburgh , October 2007 


CIRIA Reports

CIRIA publications are available from the CIRIA/susdrain website: SUSDRAIN

C582 Source control using constructed pervious surfaces. Hydraulic, structural and water quality performance issues
Author(s): C Pratt, S Wilson , P Cooper
Date: 2001
ISBN: 0-86017-582-0 Report on pervious surfaces by Pratt, Wilson and Cooper
C609: Sustainable drainage systems. Hydraulic, structural and water quality advice
Author(s): S Wilson , R Bray, P Cooper
Date: 2004
ISBN: 0-86017-609-6



Second Edition of 'Urban Drainage' by David Butler and John Davies. (Butler D and Davies JW (2004) Urban drainage, 2nd edition, Spon Press)


SUDSnet Newsletter Archive: 

SUDSnet News. Issue 1, December 2004 | Click to download

SUDSnet News. Issue 2, June 2005 | Click to download

SUDSnet News. Issue 2, June 2005 | Click to download


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