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We have assembled a number of sample photos here to let readers gain an insight into the different SUDS arrangements which can be found. If you have more photos which you would like us to post on the website, please contact the SUDSnet coordinator.

Retention Pond in Ardler, Dundee

Retention Ponds

Retention Basin (Ponds): Ponds are storage facilities which have permanent pools of water to provide treatment to the runoff.

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A detention basin

Detention Basins

A storage facility without permanent water, usually having a gravel base to ensure good drain down.

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A Swale


Shallow, grassed ditch allowing limited amount of storage typically 2 year return period events.

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Permeable paving

Permeable Paving

High porosity pavements with storage below surface. This can either infiltrate or attenuate flows.

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permeable paving and filter drain at TESCO

Filter Drains

A trench filled with a media having a large void ratio allowing water storage. Good for small developments.

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A green roof in Broughty Ferry

Green Roofs

A source control component which is a roof surface capable of supporting soil and vegeation.

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A Rain Garden

Rain Gardens

A rain garden could help to reduce flooding, remove the pollutants and benefit an array of wildlife.

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Photos from meetings


Detention Basin - In roundabout

Coventry Conference at DEX in association with SUDSnet 6-7th September 2004.

This year's Coventry Standing Conference was held on 7th September at DEX (Dunfermline Eastern Extension), near Edinburgh in Scotland. The conference was a great success with a broad range of delegates and speakers.


Ornamental Pond - Hopwood

SUDSnet field day to SUDS installations at Hopwood Services & two Worchester Schools 18th February 2008.  

SUDSnet members had an interesting and informative day delegates at amenity building pond out in Worcestershire. Bob Bray's gave a comprehensive overview of the sites and we got see the systems 'in action'.

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