Rent Prices


How much rent you'll pay depends on how many weeks you rent for (also known as the length of your lease) and the hall you decide to live in.


Parker House: Exclusive Agreement

There are hundreds of rooms set aside for Abertay students in Parker House and we have an exclusive agreement with them. And don't forget, you need to book your room in Parker House using the email code we send you so they know you are coming from Abertay. See the rent rates below.

Find out all about Parker House and the other student residences.

When you book Parker House, you'll pay £100 deposit that comes off your first month's rent. Your first rent payment needs to be paid in full before you can move in. Your first month's rent is due on 1 August, and if you don't meet the conditions of your offer, or don't get your visa, you will be fully refunded.

Find out how to apply to Parker House.


Help with Budgeting

For help with budgeting and other financial advice, you can book an appointment with our Student Financial Adviser via the Support Enquiry Zone in the library. There's also a page covering how to save money with budgeting tips.


Page last updated: 23/03/23

Rent rates for 2023

1. Parker House, Parker Street, DD1 5RW

Rent rates for 2023

Lease length: 43 weeks / 49 weeks (see below)

Abertay students get a heavily discounted rent rate on all rooms.


Room Type

43 week rate

49 week rate

Bronze En-Suite



Bronze En-Suite Plus



Silver En-Suite



Silver En-Suite Plus



Gold En-Suite



Gold En-Suite Plus



Platinum En-Suite



Platinum En-Suite Plus



Bronze Studio Plus



1 Bed Apartment



Premium 1 Bed Apartment




Find out more on the Parker House website.

2. Keiller Court, Horsewater Wynd, DD1 5DS

3. Merry Halls, 12, 14 Victoria Rd, Dundee DD1 2AD

4. The Old Mill, 21 Brown St, Dundee DD1 5EF

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