Environment & Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

As part of our strategic plan and promotion of the Scottish Government and UK shared framework principles for sustainable development, the university is fully committed to its distinctive and unique ability to add value to the Scottish economy through making sustainability integral to our teaching, research and operations.

We are committed to:

'promoting a clear understanding of and commitment to sustainable development so that all people can contribute to the overall goal through their individual decisions'

Read our Sustainable Development Policy

Read our Strategic Plan 2020-2025

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Sustainability Teaching and Research

Interdisciplinary work is commonplace at Abertay, and through exposing our students to the principles and practices of sustainable development, we are embedding knowledge throughout the university’s schools, and encouraging forward thinking in our entire student body.

The university has a number of specialist centres and research groups undertaking multidisciplinary research in fields of sustainability assessment, sustainable environmental and bioenergy technologies and their interactions with end users.

Partnership and Learning in the community

Our policies on social inclusion, wider access and stakeholder involvement outline the links that have been developed between the university and the wider community and are continually developed to promote sustainability and work together to achieve our goals.

One example of our projects working on knowledge exchange and creating networks around sustainable development is LoCal-Net, this site is currently in development and a link will be placed shortly. If you would like any further information on it please contact Daniel Glimour.

Read our Strategic Plan 2015-2020

On Campus

Abertay has previously been awarded with a 'Commitment to the Environment' certificate from ScottishPower. This was in recognition of the University agreeing to only purchase energy that is 100% renewable.

Commitment to Environment Award 2012

1. Procurement and Ethical Investment- Procurement Strategy

We have built sustainable development principles into all of our procurement procedures, including the design and construction of projects to facilitate the continual improvement of our estate.

View our Procurement Strategy 2016-2020 View our Treasury Management Policy.

2. Carbon Management

As part of our ongoing development of sustainability plans, policies and projects, we are working to implement our Carbon Management plan (2011-2016) to achieve our goals on carbon reduction commitment. The graphs below show our progress to date and our projected emissions up to 2016, showing the scope for development and potential for measurable change.

Achievement of the target can be seen as deliverable via all existing, funded and planned projects; as such not all identified projects need to be implemented in order to meet the reduction target. However, efforts will continue in these areas in the hope of achieving further carbon reductions. View our Carbon Management Plan 2011 - 2016.

In 2010, the Principal of Abertay University signed the Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment For Scotland.

3. Water, Waste and Recycling

Our vision is to reduce waste generation by staff and students through the provision of facilities to encourage recycling and the provision of guidelines for contractors and external design teams.

4. Travel

Our sustainable travel policy promotes practical measures to identify and support travel alternatives, eliminate unnecessary travel, increase awareness of travel choices, improve amenity and access, encourage health benefits and provide training all for staff, students and visitors.

View our Sustainable Travel Policy

View our Staff andStudent Travel Survey

Find out more about Lift Share

Dundee Green Circular Cycle Map

Green Circular Map - East

Green Circular Map - West

5. EMS

By implementing our Environmental Management System we are continuously and strategically managing the University’s environmental impact. This encompasses all of the carbon management, water use, waste, travel, procurement, awareness and training plans and policies to ensure these are all working effectively towards their common goal.

View our Environmental Policy‌

6. Sustainable Food and Fair Trade

UAD recognises its responsibility to provide a healthy and sustainable food and drink to its customers. We will work to incorporate environmental, ethical and social considerations into the products and services provided. We will also work alongside our suppliers and contractors to reduce any harmful environmental, ethnic and social effects associated with the products and services we provide. Part of this commitment is to maintain our Fairtrade status and support the Rainforest Alliance and Marine Stewardship Council.

View our Sustainable Food Policy

We work with third party organisations such as:

The Marine Stewardship Council

The Fairtrade Foundation

Rainforest Alliance

Soil Association

7. Measuring Success

Abertay University is committed to monitoring and reporting our progress on energy use, sustainability policy and carbon management on an annual basis.

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